Sunday, 14 September 2014

Speech compertion speech

Children should be in government

(Childish voice) "Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm 7 and if I was in government, I would have only kids stay up till 8 o'lock and even 8:30 on weekends and we would be allowed to have ice cream every night."
If you asked a child what would they do if they were in government most of their answers would be similar to that.

But on a serious note some children do want all kids to have a nice house so they have somewhere to call home and somewhere warm so they don't get sick which results in less doctor appointments because I know going to the doctors isn't always fun but if children were in government we would make the doctors fun by having the rooms different colours and toys to play with and even a TV to watch. Also we would want kids to have nice clothes because some families can't afford rain coats, umbrellas and even running shoes so we would want to help them.

But because we are children we have not experienced the world before and therefore we are not influenced by previous outbreaks such as droughts, wars, the Wahine disaster and Tangiwai rain disaster therefore we are not worried about them but we are more worried about who's in for tag.

when disagreements come to hand usually men would solve it over a hurtful war, when women would discuss the problem over tea and biscuits but children on the other hand would resolve the problem in a fun way.

The decisions would be different because obviously we think differently. You think of rebuilding the Christchurch cathedral when we think of more Mr Whippy trucks.

In the unlikely hood we would need to go to war instead of guns and bombs which hurt, kill and destroy we will have water pistols and water balloons and lolly grenades.

So why don't we have children in government, yes we might not know everything that you are talking about but we do know what kids and parents want.

In conclusion if you want the world to have wars and be glum keep children out of government but if you want the world to be fun and exciting why not put kids in government we do come up with some funky ideas.