Friday, 22 August 2014

The Hike

We begin our story in a fallen hollow tree. Where a mixed family of sloths and kangaroos live.

"Siddy and Manny, we're going for a hike" exclaimed Dad.

"After this game" slumped Manny.

"How many levels to go?" asked Dad.

"242" said Siddy.

"Well, we will have to go another day." sighed Dad, putting down his hiking gear.

"I will go" said Carol hopefully.

But Dad walked straight past her in a glump. Carol felt frustrated.

The warm summer sun shined over the fallen hollow tree the next day.

"Right today is the day boys, we are going for a hike."

"I said after this game!" Manny exclaimed.

Dad then knew he lost the fight to the video game.

"I WILL COME!" yelled Carol.

But again Dad didn't listen.

Carol was fed up, she stormed in to the kitchen and said in a grump to her Mum.

"I've asked Dad twice already to go on the hike but he just walks straight past me."

"My sweet kangaroo, talk to him. Sloths like me, like excitement but your father is wanting the boys to go. Its not because he loves you any less, its just he wants those lazy boys to go for a hike."

"Ok then" said Carol. Carol marched down the hall to where Dad was sitting and announced "If you want the boys to go make it fun and I would like to go to."

"Alright then" said Dad with a smirk.

The next day the sun was shining over the fallen hollow tree. A piece of paper lay on the PlayStation control. It was addressed to "Siddy, Manny and Carol. Carol picked it up, unfolded it and read it out loud.

"Walk, walk, walk your way to the biggest tree on the west hill on your quest for the sweet treat."

"Come on" Carol said walking out the door.

Manny and Siddy followed.

Dad had created a quest and the best part was all 3 kids were enjoying it.

They were on that quest for an hour until there last clue lead them to the Super Sundae Parlour, where Dad was standing with 4 chocolate sundaes.

"Congrats, boys and Carol you have completed your hike."

They sat down and had there chocolate sundaes.

"Thanks Dad" said the 3 kids.

From that day forward every 2 weeks the kids and Dad and sometimes Mum went for a hike. The best part is every time they go $1 goes into the jar which goes towards going on a trip. That's all because Carol talked about her problem.

The SOLO level I have reached for surface features is Extended Abstract because I can tell the read why I have used an ! and what impact it has on the reader.

The SOLO level I have reached for my narrative is Extended Abstract because I can tell the reader what I want them to learn for my narrative.

NEXT STEP: To link my paragraphs.

Friday, 15 August 2014


In drama we have being having a host and the host is having a party and the rest of the people pick a piece 

Friday, 8 August 2014


This week I have been showing peace at school because I have been thinking about what I say before I say it to prevent fights or disagreements.

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