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My explanation is about a fake online company selling a fake unsafe product to consumers.
Ergobaby= A baby carrier company

WALT: Write a explanation

Obviously you wold trust a well known brand, right? Well this isn't always the case. Ergo baby is just one company that has been effected by someone making and selling a fake product online and breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

The Consumer Guarantees Act helps protect consumers when buying a product so they get safe, durable, and fit for purpose products.For example if you buy a hair dryer it should dry your hair. Also, if it says "Lasts for 1 year" it needs to last 1 year and most importantly it needs to be safe. I will now explain one example of The Consumer Guarantees Act being broken and the effects it has had on the businesses and the consumer.

Acceptable Quality 
Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by a fake company that sells unacceptable quality products. On the fake Ergobaby the clasp unclips with a small tug which would cause a risk for your baby. On the real Ergobaby the clasp doesn't unclip with a tug. The fake Egrobaby is of an unacceptable quality. 

Fit For Purpose
The fake Egrobaby is not fit for purpose. "Why" you may ask, well the clasp comes undone with a small tug that puts your baby in danger it"s not fit for purpose.

Seems the fake online company was a fake company the consumers are unable to get a refund or redress this leads to the consumers losing their money.

The consumers buying the fake Ergobaby were mislead or tricked into buying the fake Ergobaby that was unsafe. The consumers of this product now do not trust the real company therefore, the real company has lost customers.

The baby carrier was not fit for purpose, durable or safe because the baby carriers clasp unclipped easily with a small tug which puts the baby at risk, this is not acceptable.                                                

The SOLO level I think I achieved for I can include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation is Extended Abstract because I can use topic specific vocabulary, I am selective about where they go and the ones I choose and I seek feedback on how these words help or don't not help in my writing.
The SOLO level I think I achieved for I can use surface features in a well structured piece of writing is Extended Abstract because I can correctly use a number of surface features in my writing and I know why I use them and I can explain the impact it has on the reader. 

By Sophie 

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