Tuesday, 27 May 2014


WALT: To elaborate our Ideas.

With every step my stomach turned, I felt like the stairs went forever.
I totally know what you're thinking what is this girl talking about? Well let me take you back.

It was January 2014, just like me I forgot the date, but I have a good excuse this time. I'm in Dubai and I'm still getting use to the time difference. Anyway despite my lack of time, I will tell you what I do know, today we are going to Wild Wadi YAY!!

I run down the hall. As I blink my cousin Rebecca is coming out of her room, I dodge her. I start running down the stairs so fast I have to run on my toes because my momentum is pushing me forward. I cant stop. I turn the corner still running down the stairs.

I run into the kitchen and pour myself a bowl a chocolate rice bubbles, I was so excited that I don't even know how fast I ate them but anyway I race back up stairs. I was changed in the blink of an eye and have everything packed and ready to go.

We pile into Aunty Jo's car. Aunty Jo is driving us but isn't swimming. Dad in the passenger seat, Mum and Amy in the back and then Me and Rebecca in the far back. Aunty Jo drives so fast that I feel like I'm in a plane about to take off.

"Look, There!!" Rebecca yells.

There it was, the most awesome water park, Wild Wadi. I see out my window a ride that has the water splashing out of it on to the road, seriously, questions run through my mind like: Is it safe?, What would happen if I went over the edge? Suddenly Aunty Jo stops the car and the locks click us from our excitement.

Rebecca and I are the first to get changed into our swim suits and be ready. We wait, shivering like penguin in an ice storm. A cold breeze blows across my face, still shivering I spot Mum, Dad and Amy. Dad tells us we are going on a magical ride filled with warm water called the Burj Surj but of course I'm not dumb he really means we are going on a terrifying ride with ice cold water.

We start walking towards this so called magical ride (my father's words) but suddenly I stop in my tracks, speechless. I feel my jaw touch the ground. I was better than what I had ever imagined. Slides and rides, pools and rules. My cousin nudges me and motion to a vertical, enormous slide.

"The Jumeirah Sceirah" she whispers.

My heart sinks. I'm so caught up in the moment that I didn't realise that we were at the bottom of the rickety, wet staircase where the unknowns lie waiting for us above.

I take a step on the staircase, the creek of the step echoes. The line is short, probably because everyone else is too scared. Man it must be pretty bad, I think to myself. With every step my stomach turns, I feel like the stairs went forever. I stand shivering on the platform. I can see for miles, on my left the Burj Al Arab and to my right the Burj Khalifa and in front of me a terror of swirling water.

I get dragged in to the biscuit, I look down, all I see is black. I feel like the darkness is dragging me in, I refuse.

I feel a jolt, I'm backwards. I feel like the biscuit is slowly drifting down. I'm horrified of what I see as I come out of the darkness.

 Next step: punctuation. Read out loud to hear the commas and other punctuation to see where they are needed.  

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


WALT: Understand and interpret information accurately.
I have learned that we have to infer from the blurb what will happen in the story.
We had to interpret what will happen in the book by just reading the blurb
Here is what I think might happen in the book My Story Escape From Sarau...
I think in the story, Emilie will escape but I also think her father will chase after her. I think Emilie and Lugwig will run away to Nelson where they will be found buy her father.
My next step is to read the book and each chapter write down the information I find.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


WALT: Complete tasks from our test that we got wrong.
If 6 packets of chips costs the same amount as 4 ice creams, How many packets of chips would cost the same as 10 ice creams?
I got the answer by
ice creams-----chips
    4           -----  6
         x by 2
4x2=8            6x2=12
    8                      12
half the top number
2                           3
now plus
8+2=10             12+3=15
and 15 is your answer.

next step is to make some practise questions to help myself remember how to do it.

Friday, 9 May 2014


Walt:write a recount
In writing we have be learning to write a recount on and best memory. At the moment we have been planing about what we are going to be writing about. We have also been learning to have one moment and write really detailed about that one moment. 
My next is to choose a moment and write in a lot of detail about it.