Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Making Choices

Making Choices

Decisions we all have to make them but sometimes they aren't too easy. People can help us with decisions but not all have a positive out come. We go to the people that we trust to help us with making decisions like our family,friends,and role models. Even TV and the law can influence our decisions.

Today, Friends can influence our choices a lot by what we wear, who we talk to, what we say, what things we do how we act and if we go by the law or not. We want to fit in, NO, we have to fit, that is what most of us think. Have you ever bought a new top and all you can think is how your friends will react? Have you ever been peer pressured into doing something you know doesn't go by the law?

The law..... The law gives us boundaries, limits and we cannot do. We have to choose whether to embrace the rules or to rake a risk and break them. Our minds are still developing and if we put unnecessary pressure such as money, cars and drinking that can cause serious change in our lives. These are the reasons we have limits and boundaries because a 5 year old can't handle driving a car or a 10 year old with a job and their payments. Without the law, we can do anything and that can change our thinking entirely. 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" ~Albert Einstein. Our minds control our whole body and within a split second we can say or do anything that we have not had enough time to think about what could happen to us or someone we care about.

Everything we say or do has an influence, a consequence and a outcome. Some problems are easy but some are difficult to solve, what choice will you make?

By: Sophie Hardie.

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