Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kapa Haka

In Kapa Haka the year 8 girls have been learning to do long poi. Half of us have mastered the over head part but some still have to learn it. We have been practising in preparation for the Gala and school performances. I think that we are going to be good, all we have to do is learn the timing of the actions.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Today is science we played with fire.... Seriously we boiled water, we lit magnesium and watched what happened to iron when it got close to the flame. I learnt that when magnesium goes close to the Orange part of the flame it catches fire and it creates a bright white light.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Wellington Year 8 Trip

This flipagram shows just some of the things that the year 8s did in Wellington. We had a blast and the things I enjoyed the most were rock
climbing and playing touch.
We had a lot of laughs and learnt something's we didn't know.
I really enjoyed the trip. 🚂⚓️✈️

Athletics 2014

I'm so proud of Oaklands at the zones we had a lot of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. I was unable to get any of those but was lucky enough to come an amazing 4th place in long distance. I'm extremely proud of my efforts.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Jubilee Writing

Oaklands School had their 50th Jubilee on Labour weekend this year. I am in Year 8. In 50 years time when they have their 100th Jubilee I will be 62. In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at Oaklands School....

I think that classes will be smaller in numbers so that students will be able to have more time with the teacher which  will benefit in their learning. I think that the colour paint of the school will change such as a different colour for each classrooms for each year group like blue for the Year 7/8 or red for the Year 5s.

Also, I think that some new buildings will be added such as a Year 7/8 common room for us to just hang out and do our work in a comfortable environment, also the wooden playground should come back because when I was younger it was the best thing ever and they should bring it back.

I believe that each classroom should have a smartboard, for those who don't know what they are,they are pretty much a TV/whiteboard you can connect your laptop up to it then you can draw on it using it's electronic pen.

These are just a few things that I think will change. I hope that some of my predictions will come true. If they do I might just be the next "That's So Raven."

"That's So Raven, it's the future I can see,
 Thats So Raven, it's so mysterious to me"
 "Yep that's me."

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Production 2014

This years production was so fun. The cast was amazing and the parent and teacher help was even more amazing. The cast learnt their lines so well and very quickly. The production turn out amazing.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Speech compertion speech

Children should be in government

(Childish voice) "Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm 7 and if I was in government, I would have only kids stay up till 8 o'lock and even 8:30 on weekends and we would be allowed to have ice cream every night."
If you asked a child what would they do if they were in government most of their answers would be similar to that.

But on a serious note some children do want all kids to have a nice house so they have somewhere to call home and somewhere warm so they don't get sick which results in less doctor appointments because I know going to the doctors isn't always fun but if children were in government we would make the doctors fun by having the rooms different colours and toys to play with and even a TV to watch. Also we would want kids to have nice clothes because some families can't afford rain coats, umbrellas and even running shoes so we would want to help them.

But because we are children we have not experienced the world before and therefore we are not influenced by previous outbreaks such as droughts, wars, the Wahine disaster and Tangiwai rain disaster therefore we are not worried about them but we are more worried about who's in for tag.

when disagreements come to hand usually men would solve it over a hurtful war, when women would discuss the problem over tea and biscuits but children on the other hand would resolve the problem in a fun way.

The decisions would be different because obviously we think differently. You think of rebuilding the Christchurch cathedral when we think of more Mr Whippy trucks.

In the unlikely hood we would need to go to war instead of guns and bombs which hurt, kill and destroy we will have water pistols and water balloons and lolly grenades.

So why don't we have children in government, yes we might not know everything that you are talking about but we do know what kids and parents want.

In conclusion if you want the world to have wars and be glum keep children out of government but if you want the world to be fun and exciting why not put kids in government we do come up with some funky ideas.

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Hike

We begin our story in a fallen hollow tree. Where a mixed family of sloths and kangaroos live.

"Siddy and Manny, we're going for a hike" exclaimed Dad.

"After this game" slumped Manny.

"How many levels to go?" asked Dad.

"242" said Siddy.

"Well, we will have to go another day." sighed Dad, putting down his hiking gear.

"I will go" said Carol hopefully.

But Dad walked straight past her in a glump. Carol felt frustrated.

The warm summer sun shined over the fallen hollow tree the next day.

"Right today is the day boys, we are going for a hike."

"I said after this game!" Manny exclaimed.

Dad then knew he lost the fight to the video game.

"I WILL COME!" yelled Carol.

But again Dad didn't listen.

Carol was fed up, she stormed in to the kitchen and said in a grump to her Mum.

"I've asked Dad twice already to go on the hike but he just walks straight past me."

"My sweet kangaroo, talk to him. Sloths like me, like excitement but your father is wanting the boys to go. Its not because he loves you any less, its just he wants those lazy boys to go for a hike."

"Ok then" said Carol. Carol marched down the hall to where Dad was sitting and announced "If you want the boys to go make it fun and I would like to go to."

"Alright then" said Dad with a smirk.

The next day the sun was shining over the fallen hollow tree. A piece of paper lay on the PlayStation control. It was addressed to "Siddy, Manny and Carol. Carol picked it up, unfolded it and read it out loud.

"Walk, walk, walk your way to the biggest tree on the west hill on your quest for the sweet treat."

"Come on" Carol said walking out the door.

Manny and Siddy followed.

Dad had created a quest and the best part was all 3 kids were enjoying it.

They were on that quest for an hour until there last clue lead them to the Super Sundae Parlour, where Dad was standing with 4 chocolate sundaes.

"Congrats, boys and Carol you have completed your hike."

They sat down and had there chocolate sundaes.

"Thanks Dad" said the 3 kids.

From that day forward every 2 weeks the kids and Dad and sometimes Mum went for a hike. The best part is every time they go $1 goes into the jar which goes towards going on a trip. That's all because Carol talked about her problem.

The SOLO level I have reached for surface features is Extended Abstract because I can tell the read why I have used an ! and what impact it has on the reader.

The SOLO level I have reached for my narrative is Extended Abstract because I can tell the reader what I want them to learn for my narrative.

NEXT STEP: To link my paragraphs.

Friday, 15 August 2014


In drama we have being having a host and the host is having a party and the rest of the people pick a piece 

Friday, 8 August 2014


This week I have been showing peace at school because I have been thinking about what I say before I say it to prevent fights or disagreements.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014


I've been remembering to turn up to peer mediation and reminding others to do the same.

I've been turning up to production on time and putting up on the board in our class to remind others. Also I've made sure I'm remembering my lines and songs.

Every lunch time and morning tea me and my friends are being active so other students will get involved as well.

Encourage people to join in Peace Week.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Reading T3

My Term 3 reading WALT is to select, retrieve and understand accurate information.

My Term 3 maths learning goal is to get under 2:20 minutes in my basic facts speed test.

My Term 3 writing goal is to focus on one idea when writing my story.

My Term 3 leadership goal is to turn up to peer mediation on time.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Term reflection

My reading goal this term has been to understand and interpret information accurately I think I did well because I can know understand the information accurately but I still need to improve.
My story: Escape from Sarau
I think in the story Emilie will escape but I think her farther will chase after her.
Emilie and Ludwig will run away to Nelson were they will be found by her farther.
My new goal is to understand and interpret information accurately.

My maths goal is to multiply and divide numbers 10s, 100s and 1000s.
38x10=  All you have to do is put the zero on to the 38.
234x100= Just put the 2 zeros on to the 234.
I think I achieved my goal. My next goal in maths is improve on calculating the circumference of a circle.

My goal this term has been to write a well structured explanation and recount.
You can see both of these on my blog.
I think I achieved this goal.
My next writing goal is to elaborate my ideas in my writing.

Friday, 27 June 2014


My explanation is about a fake online company selling a fake unsafe product to consumers.
Ergobaby= A baby carrier company

WALT: Write a explanation

Obviously you wold trust a well known brand, right? Well this isn't always the case. Ergo baby is just one company that has been effected by someone making and selling a fake product online and breaking the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

The Consumer Guarantees Act helps protect consumers when buying a product so they get safe, durable, and fit for purpose products.For example if you buy a hair dryer it should dry your hair. Also, if it says "Lasts for 1 year" it needs to last 1 year and most importantly it needs to be safe. I will now explain one example of The Consumer Guarantees Act being broken and the effects it has had on the businesses and the consumer.

Acceptable Quality 
Ergobaby is just one company that has been effected by a fake company that sells unacceptable quality products. On the fake Ergobaby the clasp unclips with a small tug which would cause a risk for your baby. On the real Ergobaby the clasp doesn't unclip with a tug. The fake Egrobaby is of an unacceptable quality. 

Fit For Purpose
The fake Egrobaby is not fit for purpose. "Why" you may ask, well the clasp comes undone with a small tug that puts your baby in danger it"s not fit for purpose.

Seems the fake online company was a fake company the consumers are unable to get a refund or redress this leads to the consumers losing their money.

The consumers buying the fake Ergobaby were mislead or tricked into buying the fake Ergobaby that was unsafe. The consumers of this product now do not trust the real company therefore, the real company has lost customers.

The baby carrier was not fit for purpose, durable or safe because the baby carriers clasp unclipped easily with a small tug which puts the baby at risk, this is not acceptable.                                                

The SOLO level I think I achieved for I can include topic specific vocabulary to enhance my explanation is Extended Abstract because I can use topic specific vocabulary, I am selective about where they go and the ones I choose and I seek feedback on how these words help or don't not help in my writing.
The SOLO level I think I achieved for I can use surface features in a well structured piece of writing is Extended Abstract because I can correctly use a number of surface features in my writing and I know why I use them and I can explain the impact it has on the reader. 

By Sophie 

Thursday, 26 June 2014


WALT: Multiply and divide numbers by 10s, 100s and 1000s.
Here are some examples on this WALT.
1. 39x10=  2. 54x100= 
     390             5400
The secret to this is to take the 0's and put them on to the other number and that's your answer. 
My next step: use multiplication to calculate the area of rectangles and squares. 

Friday, 20 June 2014


Walt: use perspective
In my art I have done light blues and white for the sky and dark blue for the mountains.
My next step is to: paint the road lines thinner as they get further away.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


WALT: To elaborate our Ideas.

With every step my stomach turned, I felt like the stairs went forever.
I totally know what you're thinking what is this girl talking about? Well let me take you back.

It was January 2014, just like me I forgot the date, but I have a good excuse this time. I'm in Dubai and I'm still getting use to the time difference. Anyway despite my lack of time, I will tell you what I do know, today we are going to Wild Wadi YAY!!

I run down the hall. As I blink my cousin Rebecca is coming out of her room, I dodge her. I start running down the stairs so fast I have to run on my toes because my momentum is pushing me forward. I cant stop. I turn the corner still running down the stairs.

I run into the kitchen and pour myself a bowl a chocolate rice bubbles, I was so excited that I don't even know how fast I ate them but anyway I race back up stairs. I was changed in the blink of an eye and have everything packed and ready to go.

We pile into Aunty Jo's car. Aunty Jo is driving us but isn't swimming. Dad in the passenger seat, Mum and Amy in the back and then Me and Rebecca in the far back. Aunty Jo drives so fast that I feel like I'm in a plane about to take off.

"Look, There!!" Rebecca yells.

There it was, the most awesome water park, Wild Wadi. I see out my window a ride that has the water splashing out of it on to the road, seriously, questions run through my mind like: Is it safe?, What would happen if I went over the edge? Suddenly Aunty Jo stops the car and the locks click us from our excitement.

Rebecca and I are the first to get changed into our swim suits and be ready. We wait, shivering like penguin in an ice storm. A cold breeze blows across my face, still shivering I spot Mum, Dad and Amy. Dad tells us we are going on a magical ride filled with warm water called the Burj Surj but of course I'm not dumb he really means we are going on a terrifying ride with ice cold water.

We start walking towards this so called magical ride (my father's words) but suddenly I stop in my tracks, speechless. I feel my jaw touch the ground. I was better than what I had ever imagined. Slides and rides, pools and rules. My cousin nudges me and motion to a vertical, enormous slide.

"The Jumeirah Sceirah" she whispers.

My heart sinks. I'm so caught up in the moment that I didn't realise that we were at the bottom of the rickety, wet staircase where the unknowns lie waiting for us above.

I take a step on the staircase, the creek of the step echoes. The line is short, probably because everyone else is too scared. Man it must be pretty bad, I think to myself. With every step my stomach turns, I feel like the stairs went forever. I stand shivering on the platform. I can see for miles, on my left the Burj Al Arab and to my right the Burj Khalifa and in front of me a terror of swirling water.

I get dragged in to the biscuit, I look down, all I see is black. I feel like the darkness is dragging me in, I refuse.

I feel a jolt, I'm backwards. I feel like the biscuit is slowly drifting down. I'm horrified of what I see as I come out of the darkness.

 Next step: punctuation. Read out loud to hear the commas and other punctuation to see where they are needed.  

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


WALT: Understand and interpret information accurately.
I have learned that we have to infer from the blurb what will happen in the story.
We had to interpret what will happen in the book by just reading the blurb
Here is what I think might happen in the book My Story Escape From Sarau...
I think in the story, Emilie will escape but I also think her father will chase after her. I think Emilie and Lugwig will run away to Nelson where they will be found buy her father.
My next step is to read the book and each chapter write down the information I find.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


WALT: Complete tasks from our test that we got wrong.
If 6 packets of chips costs the same amount as 4 ice creams, How many packets of chips would cost the same as 10 ice creams?
I got the answer by
ice creams-----chips
    4           -----  6
         x by 2
4x2=8            6x2=12
    8                      12
half the top number
2                           3
now plus
8+2=10             12+3=15
and 15 is your answer.

next step is to make some practise questions to help myself remember how to do it.

Friday, 9 May 2014


Walt:write a recount
In writing we have be learning to write a recount on and best memory. At the moment we have been planing about what we are going to be writing about. We have also been learning to have one moment and write really detailed about that one moment. 
My next is to choose a moment and write in a lot of detail about it. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Making Choices

Making Choices

Decisions we all have to make them but sometimes they aren't too easy. People can help us with decisions but not all have a positive out come. We go to the people that we trust to help us with making decisions like our family,friends,and role models. Even TV and the law can influence our decisions.

Today, Friends can influence our choices a lot by what we wear, who we talk to, what we say, what things we do how we act and if we go by the law or not. We want to fit in, NO, we have to fit, that is what most of us think. Have you ever bought a new top and all you can think is how your friends will react? Have you ever been peer pressured into doing something you know doesn't go by the law?

The law..... The law gives us boundaries, limits and we cannot do. We have to choose whether to embrace the rules or to rake a risk and break them. Our minds are still developing and if we put unnecessary pressure such as money, cars and drinking that can cause serious change in our lives. These are the reasons we have limits and boundaries because a 5 year old can't handle driving a car or a 10 year old with a job and their payments. Without the law, we can do anything and that can change our thinking entirely. 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" ~Albert Einstein. Our minds control our whole body and within a split second we can say or do anything that we have not had enough time to think about what could happen to us or someone we care about.

Everything we say or do has an influence, a consequence and a outcome. Some problems are easy but some are difficult to solve, what choice will you make?

By: Sophie Hardie.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Visual language

Walt: identify several and verbal features in advertisement; and explain the impact they have on the overall message. I can explain what would happen if another part was added or taken away.

My next step is to: complete all of the questions.