Friday, 20 September 2013

A day in the life of a year5 being bullied

A day in the in the life of a year 5 getting bullied by older students.

Its term 2 and I'm so excited to see my friends again. I have been wanting to see everyone so much.

I get to school super hyper active and ready to go. I see my best friend across the classroom as soon as we meet we exchange what we did in holidays.

                             That's the 9 o'clock, i run to the mat and sit down.

                                              MORNING TEA BELL RINGS
                           I run out to play a super game of tag with my friends.

After 10 minutes of hard core running around, I decide to get a quick drink from the fountain.
As I walk to the fountain i think to myself that people are watching me but I didn't care I just kept walking, 3 tall figures move towards me. I have just made a huge mistake by taking a drink. Suddenly, the 3 tall figures towered me and that's when I realised I had no where to go.

                                                       KICK! PUNCH!
All I could see was a fist coming towards my arm and then a sharp pain covered my leg, then I saw them, the 3 tall figures that would haunt my dream

I walked nervously to the classroom door holding my sore arm that was now throbbing while limping in pain, a small tear rolls down face . My teacher realises that I'm not my best but I was not planning on telling her what happened. No one talked to me for the whole middle block as we did maths, I felt alone. This did not seem right the way I  was feeling the way everyone stared at me.

10 minutes later as we pack up I decided to tell my teacher what happened at morning tea, the 3 tall figures. I had just made the bets decision. Inside as I talked to her I felt a small shimmer of hope deep inside, very deep.

                                                              AT LUNCH
My teacher watches out the window at lunch so she could see the 3 figures. I stood there scared but hopeful, the 3 figures stared to appear and walk towards me. My teacher jumps out and tells them to apologise to me and promise that they would never do what the did to me to anyone.

But I still feel that they are watching me, planning their revenge. What might happen tomorrow.

WALT: Create a good level 4 recount
NEXT STEP: Add more emotion.

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