Friday, 12 July 2013

explanation of the coral reef 

The coral reef is magical, hard working and colourful. The food chain reef is good at working together so that means if one part is missing the whole thing falls apart.
Do you want colourful reefs in your ocean? stop poluting.

Have you ever stepped on a piece of coral and wondered am i breaking a home?
Well you are because some fish hide in producers if they are being hunted also to most fish the producers are their home.
The producers in the coral reef include seagrass, algee. The producers provide food for the herbivores. If the producers weren't alive the herbivores would die there fore, there would be a decrease in fish in the coral reef.

Did you know herbivores play a big role in the coral reef because they keep fish safety and heathy. Sea turtles are one of the herbivores in the coral reef. Most herbivores live on vegatation. If the herbivores didnt get their 5+ a day