Friday, 14 June 2013

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The Escapeathing

The Escapeathing is the ultimate because it is the worlds best escaping animal. In the cloud, sea and grass lands. The Escapeathing has many preators and they mostly feed on their suroundings. Being so good at escaping they have a lot of amazing features.

An Ecapeathing has a number of features such as eagle eyes for seeing their prey as tiny as rabbits. They has ferocious tiger teeth for hunting because they can grab moving prey easily. They have pointy bats ears to hear from many different distances. They have a sharp, tough rino horn to attack prey from underneth. They have very tough skin like a dinosaurs for extra protection. On their backs they have magsict wings to fly above the clouds to get away, also to get away they use the speed  of cheethas. With thir hard turtle shell to protct them from harm. Their neck can tuck in their shell so it will not be hurt.

All these features help with its seroundings such as sea, land and clouds. With its powerful wing strokes it can fly so high it makes cloud angels but for flying so high and being so light they sit on clouds and mist bird shooters shoot them so now there are only 200 left in the world so if you are seen killing one you are sentanced for 2 years in jail. If you come across a hole in the dersert it will most likly have an Ecapeathing inside so WATCH OUT.

Escapeathings are omnvovies ao they may attack you only if you touch them. They have very senceative backs so it will hurt alot for them. They eat angel fish, seagulls, bats and more. The Escapeathing has many preators such as the king fish, the entire cat family and eagles. An escapeathing can kill easily with its caws and tiger teeth.

The Escapeathings main project is to help others if they are in trouble with its claws it can grab the vitiam by the neck and fly to safty. If it is challenged the Ecapeathing will immenty change into attack mode. It can run in circles arounf the preator to confuse them. The Escapeathing loves helping and gets furious if an outsider is on their treatory.

Overall, the Escapeathing is the ultimate animal because it can escape from harsh combact and attacks from the skies. The Escapeathing flys down to get its prey from the grasslands or the sea. When challenged the Escapeathing uses all of its amazing features to fight.


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