Thursday, 18 April 2013


Walt: catch and throw small balls.
I learnt to catch an throw with the correct technique.
I have Improved on throwing at different styles.
I had to change my style in different sensors.
My next step is to throw straight.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

learning plan

Our learning goal is to met our class mates and how to show care values. We learnt to show care values to people around the school. I have been treating teachers and office staff respectfully and treating my class mates how I what to be treated. At the start of the year we did how can we show office staff our care values and how can we show other teachers our care values. We got a lot of answers such as use our manners and greet them in the mornings.
My next step is to follow all the answers that we got on the sheet.

infering for reading

WALT: Infer meaning from text
In my lesson for infering we learnt how to infer in a text. Here are the questions we had to infer from the text: 
~Who the character might be (old, young, sporty, brainy etc)
~What kind of person the character is (kind, thoughtful, nasty, selfish etc)
~How the character is feeling at the moment and why.
~Where and when this action is taking place.
I have improved on this because I now know how to infer something from a text and a picture.
The steps I needed to take were infer the meanings by taking the text down little bits at a time to get my answer.
My next step is to infer pictures more deeperly.


My learning goal is to be better at bar graphs and remember what I have to do every time. I lean't to label and draw every thing in a bar graph. I'm very good at them now because I have done lots of them now to practise. My next step is to learn bar graphs.

Te reo

Our learning goal is to know our mihis off by heart. I have learn't to read and write my mihi. I have improved on saying it of by heart. My next step is to say my age and school in maori. The steps I had to take were say it over and over until I could get it.


We are writing a picture book for our buddy class. My story is about respect and it is about fairys that don't respect each others property. My next step is to proof read my writing to make sure it makes sense.
We are also writing to our pen pals in England. My next step is to write a good copy.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

speech for years 1-3

If someone has made you fell sad and upset you will know if someone has been saying mean words or you have been kicked or punched.
Here are some ways to stand up to that person.
If they have been making you sad a lot that you are having lots of problems, you can always ignore them or if you have tired that and they are still making you sad you can go to a peer mediator or talk to your mum and dad or your teacher about it.
You can always tell the person about how you fell and ask them why are they making you sad because you never know why they are doing it.
If you make someone sad stop and think to yourself are you hurting their feelings and would you like to be sad like them.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

my intergated learning speech 4-8

My speech is about how to stand up to a bully and how to prevent being bullied.

Firstly if you know your bully, try and talk to them about how you fell and solve the problem together.

If you think someone is trying to bully you into silence don't listen to them,  a good tip to always carry with you if you are being bullied is not hide hide but to make sure your voice is being heard. 

If you are being bullied online you can make a new account or ignore the user that is bullying you. 

If you are not being bullied but your friend is, try not to get involved but to give your friend helpful suggestions. Being scared of bullies is completely common but it's something you shouldn't hide, yes we all have that moment when we get our feelings hurt but it's ok. 

Getting help from your parents or teacher can really help or even talking about it to a close friend.

If you do bully people remember treat others the way you want to be treated. Remember don't hide he heard also remember don't be a bully because no one likes bullies.

Monday, 8 April 2013

my story I made at home


Once I knew a man by the name of Frank.  He never went anywhere besides his chair or he'd go to the loo or the cupboard for a snack or just to get a new book from his library of a shelf.
One day he had a desire for a nice sweet treat.   "Love, we're out of food" he called out to his wife.  "Hold on I'll just pop out to the shop, now you just sit there and read your book". Shortly after she had left, there was a tremendous earthquake that shook the little old house but as it was grumbling and things were tumbling, Frank sat in his chair and continued to read his book and thought to himself, '' It's better to die doing what you love than to hate yourself  for not doing what you love"
In a hurry his wife came running but she was in great shock on what her house looked like.  She would have checked on Frank but there were no doors, no windows or anything, only an old tin roof that sadly sat on the ground.   "Oh Frank", she called out.   "Yes dear", a voice called out.  "FRANK". "Yes',' not looking up from his book. "Wait, where are you?" "Um, I'm in the house". She scrambled for a way and suddenly she came to a little hole on the roof and dropped the grocery bags in and called out to Frank "goodbye, give me a ring if you need books or food or just some company" but before he could say he loved her, she left.
Now for years he lived there and got older and became horrifyingly sick.  He passed away reading his ever favourite book and now to this day I still remember the day we moved in there together.
By Sophie

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

success feet

This is one of my success feet

I am proud because I did really well in the school swimming sports

Creative writing

This is my story about when I was sailing and a twister made a whole in my boat and the worst part was im in the middle of the ocean